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UpdatedMay 12, 2024Compatible withAndroid 7.0+
Last version13.5.058.1Size40 MB
CategoryPersonalizationDeveloperTranssion Holdings
PriceFreeGoogle PlayGoogle Play
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Are you looking for a fast and user-friendly Android launcher? Download HiOS Launcher APK for free and enjoy a sleek experience.

What is HiOS Launcher APK?

 HiOS Launcher APK is a feature-packed launcher app designed for Android devices that promises to enhance the overall user experience on your smartphone. Developed by Transsion Holdings, the same company behind popular smartphone brands like Tecno, it offers a clean and organized interface with various customization options to suit the user’s preferences.

With HiOS Launcher, users can personalize their home screens with different themes, wallpapers, and widgets and easily access their favorite apps. The launcher also comes with a smart search feature, smooth animations, and a built-in booster to optimize performance and speed up their devices.

Whether you want to give your Android smartphone a fresh look or improve its functionality, HiOS Launcher provides a user-friendly and efficient solution. If you’re tired of your current launcher and want to try something new, try HiOS Launcher and see the difference it can make in your day-to-day smartphone usage.

what does HiOS launcher do?

HiOS Launcher APK Download is a user interface for Android devices developed by TECNO Mobile. It provides a customized and unique user experience by offering features such as personalized themes, wallpapers, widgets, app organization, and quick access to apps.

 HiOS Launcher aims to enhance the user’s interaction with their device by providing a visually appealing interface and various customization options to suit individual preferences. Additionally, it may include features like gesture controls, quick search, news updates, and security features to improve the overall usability and functionality of the device.

Why Users Love HiOS Launcher APP

One key reason why users love HiOS Launcher is its Smart Folder Organization. This feature intelligently categorizes apps into folders based on their type or usage. It simplifies the home screen by grouping similar apps, making it easier for users to find and launch the apps they need.

This organization also contributes to a cleaner, more efficient user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. The convenience of having a well-organized app drawer is a significant factor in the popularity of HiOS Launcher.

HiOS Launcher APK Download

How to Use HiOS Launcher APK

To effectively utilize the HiOS Launcher app, install it from the Google Play Store if it’s not already pre-installed on your device. Once installed, make it the default launcher by navigating to your device’s Settings Menu, selecting ‘App Management,’ and then choosing ‘Default Apps.’ From there, set HiOS Launcher as the default Home App.

To customize your experience, long-press on the home screen to access the desktop menu, which offers various customization options. You can organize your apps by creating folders, moving them around by pressing the screen, selecting the desired option, or dragging apps to a new location. Use the launcher’s song discovery system to identify music playing near you. 

What are the Exciting Features of the HiOS Launcher APK Latest Version?

The HiOS launcher Pro APK is an easy-to-use launcher designed to give slight different android experience offers several exciting features that enhance the user experience:

HiOS Launcher APK

Powerful Themes

With over 350,000 wallpapers and more than ten theme categories, users can easily personalize their devices to reflect their unique style and preferences.

 The wide selection of themes allows for a truly customized experience, making the device stand out and feel personalized.


The ZeroScreen feature provides users instant access to information such as weather forecasts, favorite apps, and customizable newsfeed cards.

 This convenient feature ensures that users can stay up-to-date and access important information without navigating multiple screens or apps.

Smart Folder Organization

HiOS Launcher enables users to organize their apps efficiently into folders, offering a clutter-free and organized home screen.

The one-hand mode and stunning scrolling effects enhance the user experience, allowing easy app access while maintaining a visually appealing layout.

Dual Apps

By supporting the ability to run two separate accounts for the same app on a single device, HiOS Launcher caters to users who need to manage personal and work accounts simultaneously.

This feature provides convenience and flexibility for users who require separate accounts for different purposes on their devices.

HiOS Launcher Latest Version

Daily Picture

Users can enjoy high-quality, copyright-free pictures updated daily, accompanied by refreshing quotes.

 This feature adds a touch of creativity and inspiration to the user’s daily routine, enhancing the overall user experience with visually appealing content.

Clean Interface

HiOS Launcher offers a user-friendly design that simplifies device management. With just a single click, users can boost RAM and enhance device performance, ensuring smooth operation and optimal functionality with minimal effort.

System Navigation Gesture

Integrated gestures in HiOS Launcher provide users with smoother navigation throughout the interface.

The screen recording feature allows users to easily capture and share GIFs, adding a fun and interactive element to the user experience.

Global Search and Hot Words

The efficient search functionality in HiOS Launcher enables users to find applications and stay updated on trending topics quickly.

 Real-time updates ensure that users can access the latest information and quickly navigate their devices to find what they need.

Multilanguage Support

With support for over 13 languages, HiOS Launcher APK caters to a diverse global user base. This multilanguage support ensures that users from different regions can enjoy a seamless experience in their preferred language, enhancing accessibility and usability for a wider audience.

HiOS Launcher APK app

Quick App Launch with Fingerprints

Users can set up fingerprint shortcuts in HiOS Launcher to instantly launch and unlock various apps.

This feature adds a layer of security and convenience, allowing quick access to frequently used apps while maintaining privacy and ease of use.

Comparison of HiOS Launcher with Other Launchers

When comparing HiOS Launcher with other launchers like XOS Launcher APK, users often consider several factors such as customization options, user interface, ease of use, and unique features. Here’s a brief comparison based on these criteria:

  • Customization: HiOS Launcher and XOS Launcher APK offer a wide range of themes and wallpapers for personalized device customization. Microsoft Launcher stands out for its integration with Windows services, enabling the continuity of tasks across devices.
  • User Interface: HiOS Launcher and XOS Launcher APK provide clean and user-friendly interfaces. At the same time, Microsoft Launcher is known for its seamless integration with Microsoft services and special features like “Continue on PC.”
  • Ease of Use: All three launchers focus on simplifying the user experience, with Microsoft Launcher being praised for its productivity features, such as personalized news feeds and calendar widgets.
  • Unique Features: HiOS Launcher introduces features like ZeroScreen and Smart Folder Organization to enhance user experience. XOS Launcher APK offers bright scene and discovery features, while Microsoft Launcher emphasizes productivity tools like timelines, sticky notes, and to-do lists.

Tips For Using HiOS Launcher APK in 2024

Here are some practical tips for using HiOS Launcher APK to enhance your Android experience:

  • Customize Your Home Screen: Personalize your home screen by adding widgets, changing wallpapers, and organizing your apps.
  • App Drawer: Use the app drawer to access all your apps quickly. You can also create folders to organize them better.
  • HiOS Themes: Explore different themes in HiOS Launcher to give your phone a fresh look.
  • HiOS Store: Discover new wallpapers, themes, and widgets in the HiOS Store to enhance your user experience.
  • Gestures: Use gestures like swiping up, pinching, or double-tapping to navigate through your phone efficiently.
  • Quick Search: Utilize the quick search feature to quickly find apps, contacts, or information on your device.
  • HiOS Settings: Customize your launcher further by exploring the settings menu for more options tailored to your preferences.
  • Hi Board: Stay updated with the latest news, weather updates, and more by using the Hi Board feature on your home screen.
  • Security: Ensure the security of your device by enabling features like app lock or privacy protection offered by HiOS Launcher.

Free Download HiOS Launcher APK For Android

Latest Version of HiOS Launcher APK for Android offers a customizable and user-friendly interface that enhances the overall experience of using your smartphone. With its sleek design, smooth performance, and innovative features, this launcher provides a refreshing change to the standard Android interface. 

By downloading the HiOS Launcher application, users can personalize their device to suit their preferences and optimize functionality. Whether you want to improve efficiency, boost productivity, or freshen up your device’s appearance, this launcher is valuable. Take your Android experience to the next level by downloading the HiOS Launcher APK download for android today!


How can you stop ads from HiOS Launcher?

To stop seeing ads on HiOS, long-press on an empty space on the home screen to access the desktop menu, scroll to find ‘other settings’, and turn off ‘Application recommendation.

Is HiOS Launcher available in multiple languages?

Yes, HiOS Launcher supports over 13 languages, catering to a diverse user base

How do you customize your device with HiOS Launcher?

Long-press on the home screen to access the desktop menu for customization options. You can choose from a wide range of themes, wallpapers, and settings to personalize your device

Download HiOS Launcher

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