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XOS Launcher APK 13.9.27 Download For Android

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UpdatedJuly 6, 2024Compatible withAndroid 7.0+
Last version13.9.27Size55 MB
CategoryPersonalizationDeveloperTranssion Holdings
PriceFreeGoogle PlayGoogle Play
MODLatest Version

Download XOS Launcher APK for Android – the stylish and customizable choice for your device. Get the latest version and safely personalize your phone.

What are XOS Launcher APK?

 XOS Launcher APK is a popular Android launcher designed to enhance the user experience on smartphones and tablets. With its sleek design and advanced features, XOS Launcher offers a personalized and efficient way to access and organize your device’s apps, widgets, and settings.

XOS Launcher offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to personalize their home screens with themes, wallpapers, and icon packs to suit their style and preferences. The launcher also includes gesture controls, app lock, a hide apps feature, and smart app management tools to simplify daily tasks and improve productivity.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your device’s interface, improve performance, or add a fresh new look, XOS Launcher provides a user-friendly solution for Android users looking to optimize their mobile experience.

xos launcher apk

How does XOS Launcher APK Work?

The XOS Launcher APK offers a customized interface for Android devices tailored to Infinix smartphones. Here’s how it operates:

The XOS Launcher Pro is a specialized interface for Android devices, specifically For Infinix smartphones. Users can acquire the launcher by downloading it from platforms like the Google Play Store or apkzoni.com, with many considering it the best software download site due to ease of access. 

Once installed, individuals can customize their home screens with diverse themes, wallpapers, and icon packs to reflect their tastes. The launcher boasts intelligent features such as the Zero Screen, offering trending news and games, the Smart Scene for music exploration, and Discovery for popular wallpapers and games, earning it rave reviews. 

Regarding app management, XOS Launcher provides convenient tools like a one-click font preview, an app freezer, and a theme store for further customization. Focused on optimizing user experience, the launcher offers organized access to apps and settings and features like quick navigation and universal search for enhanced usability.

Reasons Why Users XOS Launcher

Users may choose to use the XOS launcher app for various reasons, as it offers many features and benefits catering to their needs and preferences. It provides users with a seamless and personalized user experience, from its customizable interface to its intuitive gesture controls.

 Additionally, its built-in tools and utilities make it easy for users to manage their devices efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s for improved organization, enhanced performance, or simply a change of scenery, the XOS launcher has something to offer every user, marking it as a top-tier program for Android. 

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What are the Advanced Features of the XOS launcher APK?

XOS Launcher Pro APK is a customized Android launcher developed by Transsion Holdings. It is designed to offer additional features and customization options beyond what’s typically available with stock Android launchers. Some of the advanced features of XOS Launcher APK include:

xos launcher apk download

Theme Store

 XOS Launcher has a built-in theme store that offers a wide range of themes, wallpapers, and icon packs, allowing users to effortlessly personalize their devices according to their preferences and style.

Smart Folder

 In addition to the theme store, XOS Launcher features an intelligent folder function that automatically categorizes apps into relevant groups such as Entertainment, Social, and Games, illustrating its best-in-class program efficiency. This innovative organizational feature helps users maintain a tidy and efficient home screen layout.

XOS Launcher Pro APK

Smart Gestures

 XOS Launcher supports an array of intuitive, thoughtful gestures, such as double-tap to lock the screen and swiping up to launch specific applications swiftly, making it a prime example of user-friendly software. These gestures enhance user experience by providing convenient shortcuts for various functions.

App Hiding and App Lock

XOS Launcher APK download enables users to hide sensitive apps from the app drawer and secure them with a personalized PIN or password, offering additional protection for personal data.

xos launcher latest version

Customizable Grid Size

Users can adjust the grid size of the home screen and app drawer on XOS Launcher, displaying more or fewer icons based on their individual preferences and ease of accessibility.

Notification Badges

XOS Launcher supports notification badges on app icons, which serve as visual cues for unread messages or pending notifications from supported applications, ensuring users stay informed at a glance.

Inbuilt Cleaner

XOS Launcher incorporates a built-in junk cleaner tool that optimizes device performance by efficiently clearing cache and unnecessary files, contributing to smoother operation and improved speed.

App Management

 With advanced app management functionalities like batch uninstallation and customizable sorting options, XOS Launcher empowers users to efficiently organize and manage their applications based on their usage patterns and preferences.

xos launcher app

Widgets and Quick Contacts

XOS Launcher Latest Version offers support for various widgets and quick access to frequently contacted individuals directly from the home screen, enhancing user productivity and convenience in accessing essential information.

Performance Optimization

XOS Launcher is meticulously optimized for performance and battery efficiency, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience even on entry-level devices with its resource-efficient design and smooth operation.

Tips to Maximize Usage of XOS Launcher in 2024

Here are some practical tips for using the XOS Launcher in 2024:

  • Stay Updated: Ensure you have the latest XOS Launcher version installed. Updates often bring new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Check for updates regularly in the app store or launcher settings.
  • Explore Widgets: Widgets offer quick access to information and features without opening apps. Experiment with different widgets to find those most beneficial to you, first reviewing their functionalities to ensure they meet your needs.
  • Gesture Navigation: Learn and implement gesture navigation to swiftly access apps, settings, and features through simple swipes and taps, enhancing your device’s functionality with this cutting-edge program.
  • Backup and Restore: Utilize the backup and restore feature to save your launcher settings, a signature function that enhances user convenience. This is beneficial when switching devices or after a factory reset.

Download XOS Launcher APK For Android Devices

XOS Launcher 13.9.27 APK download is an excellent choice for Android users looking to enhance their device’s interface with a more personalized and efficient experience. Its user-friendly design and an array of customizable features ensure that individuals can tailor their devices to suit their unique preferences and needs, making it the best software for personalization. Its easy download process makes it a convenient option for those wanting to upgrade their phone’s functionality without much hassle, standing out as a top free software choice. 

Whether aiming for a cleaner aesthetic, improved app management, or a new look for your Android device, the XOS Launcher delivers on all fronts, making it the best program for android in its category. Download and Install the XOS Launcher APK today to elevate your smartphone experience and explore the extensive customization possibilities.


Is XOS Launcher APK free to use?

Yes, XOS Launcher is free to download and use. There are no charges associated with using the launcher itself.

Does XOS Launcher app consume a lot of battery? 

XOS Launcher is designed to be lightweight and battery-efficient. It should not consume a significant amount of battery power when compared to other launchers.

Is XOS Launcher APK safe to use?

Yes, XOS Launcher is safe as it is the default launcher on all Infinix phones and adheres to Google and Android’s policies.

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