Nicegram MOD APK 1.26.3 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

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UpdatedJune 1, 2024Compatible withAndroid 6.0+
Last version1.26.3Size177 MB
PriceFreeGoogle PlayGoogle Play
MODPremium Unlocked

Download the latest version of Nicegram MOD APK with Premium Unlocked for Android. With Telegram’s AI chat, enjoy a safe messaging experience. 

Information About Nicegram

Nicegram APK is a popular messaging app that provides users with enhanced privacy and security compared to other popular messaging platforms. Developed as a MOD version of Telegram, Nicegram allows users to customize their messaging experience with unique themes and settings unavailable on the original app.

In addition to its customizable features, Nicegram protects user data through end-to-end encryption and other security measures. This ensures that users can communicate with peace of mind, knowing their conversations and information are secure from prying eyes.

Whether you are looking for a more personalized messaging experience or a secure platform to connect with friends and family, Nicegram offers a compelling alternative to traditional messaging apps. 

Nicegram MOD APK

What does Nicegram AI Chat for Telegram APK do?

Nicegram APK MOD is a messaging app that acts as a MOD version of Telegram, offering additional features and enhancements over the standard Telegram application. It supports using up to 10 accounts simultaneously, making it convenient for users who need to manage multiple identities or roles. The app also provides advanced privacy settings, giving users more options to manage their privacy and security effectively.

For better organization, Nicegram includes tools like folders and tabs to help users keep their chats well-organized. Additionally, the app offers a customizable interface, allowing users to personalize the look and feel according to their preferences. One of its standout features is the extended media sharing capability, which lets users share larger files and various media types.

Moreover, Nicegram Premium APK integrates built-in message translation features, facilitating communication across different languages. For those who value privacy, hiding specific chats adds an extra layer of security. These features make Nicegram popular for users seeking more flexibility and control in their messaging experience.

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How does Nicegram APK Work?

To use Nicegram APK, start by downloading it from a trusted source like, then enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings and install the app. Once installed, log in with your existing Telegram account or create a new one by entering your phone number and verifying it via SMS.

Nicegram offers unique features such as managing up to 10 accounts simultaneously, built-in message translation, predefined quick replies, the ability to hide accounts without subscriptions, bulk-selecting incoming messages, anonymous message forwarding, saving important info quickly to Saved Messages, checking user registration dates, customizing cache settings, personalizing folder tabs, hiding reactions, and viewing unique user IDs.

After exploring these enhancements, you can start messaging, joining groups, and exploring channels like the official Telegram app. Enjoy the added flexibility and control that Nicegram provides while respecting privacy and community guidelines. 

Nicegram MOD

What are the Amazing Features of Nicegram Latest Version?

Nicegram Premium MOD APK is a messaging app built on the Telegram API, offers several unique features that enhance the user experience beyond what the standard Telegram app provides. Here’s a detailed look at some of these standout features:

Nicegram APK MOD

Unlimited Accounts

Users can add more than the standard three accounts allowed by Telegram, making it convenient for those who manage multiple identities or business profiles.

Advanced Folder Management

Enhanced folder capabilities allow users to organize their chats, channels, and groups more effectively. Customizable folders help keep personal, work, and other types of communications neatly separated.

Chat Filters

Advanced filters to sort and manage messages based on criteria such as unread messages, muted chats, and more, providing a streamlined and efficient way to handle high volumes of communication.

Anonymous Forwarding

Allows users to forward messages without revealing the original sender’s identity, enhancing privacy and confidentiality.

Nicegram Premium Unlocked

In-Chat Translation

Built-in features enable users to translate messages within the chat interface, supporting seamless communication with people who speak different languages.

Built-in VPN

Some versions of Nicegram come with an integrated VPN, offering secure and unrestricted access to the Internet. This is especially useful in regions with heavy censorship or restrictions.

Pin Unlimited Chats

Unlike the standard Telegram app, Nicegram allows users to pin unlimited chats for quick access.

Hidden Chats

Users can hide specific chats and access them only through a PIN code, adding an extra layer of privacy for sensitive conversations.

Nicegram APK

Multiple Profiles

Users can create and switch between multiple profiles within the same account, each with its settings and preferences.

Customizable Themes

Extensive theme customization options enable users to personalize the look and feel of the app according to their preferences.

Advanced Group and Channel Management

Nicegram offers enhanced tools for managing large groups and channels, making handling member permissions, broadcasting messages easier, and maintaining order.

Secret Chats with More Features

Secret chats in Nicegram come with additional options, such as self-destruct timers, which ensure that sensitive information is automatically deleted after a specified period.

Nicegram App

Extended Media and File Sharing

Nicegram supports sharing larger files and media than the standard Telegram app, making it ideal for users who frequently exchange high-resolution images, videos, and large documents.

Voice and Video Calls

High-quality voice and video call capabilities with added features for improved connectivity and user experience.

Enhanced Notifications

Customizable notification settings allow users to manage alerts more effectively, ensuring they never miss important messages while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Tips For  Using Nicegram Messenger App in 2024

Here are some tips for using Nicegram effectively:

  • Manage Multiple Accounts: Take advantage of Nicegram’s ability to support up to 10 accounts simultaneously. This is particularly useful if you need to separate personal, work, or other types of communication.
  • Customize Your Interface: Use Nicegram’s customizable interface options to personalize the app’s look and feel. Adjust themes, chat backgrounds, and more to suit your preferences.
  • Organize Chats with Folders: Use enhanced chat organization tools such as folders and tabs to keep your conversations well-organized. Create folders for different chats (e.g., work, family, friends) to access them easily.
  • Advanced Privacy Settings: Explore the advanced privacy settings to manage your security better. Features like hidden chats and the ability to hide reactions can help maintain your privacy.
  • Use Built-in Translator: Use the integrated translation feature to communicate with people who speak different languages. This can be particularly handy in international groups or chats.
  • Quick Replies: Set up predefined message templates for quick replies. This can save time and make your communication more efficient.
  • Extended Media Sharing: Share larger files and various media types. This can be useful for sharing high-quality photos, videos, or documents.
  • Instant Forward and Save Messages: Use the instant forward feature to quickly save important information to your Saved Messages for easy access later.
  • View Registration Dates: Check when users joined Telegram using the view registration date feature. This can provide context about new contacts or group members.
  • Advanced Cache Management: Customize cache settings to optimize app performance and storage usage.

Download Nicegram MOD APK For Android Devices

Nicegram MOD version offers a range of enhanced features and customization options for Android users looking to improve their messaging experience on Telegram. Users can feel confident in their communication with added security and privacy settings while enjoying a sleek and user-friendly interface. The ability to access exclusive themes and advanced settings provides a unique opportunity for personalization.

Downloading the Nicegram MOD APK is a great way to unlock additional functionalities and maximize your messaging app experience. Take advantage of the chance to elevate your Telegram experience – download the Nicegram MOD APK today!


Can you use Nicegram on iOS?

Yes, Nicegram is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the App Store for iOS devices.

How do you switch between multiple accounts in Nicegram MOD APK?

You can switch between accounts by tapping on your profile picture and selecting the account you want to switch to.

Can you transfer your chat history from Telegram to Nicegram MOD APK?

Yes, since Nicegram uses the Telegram API, your chat history will be available once you log in with your Telegram account.

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