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CX File Explorer APK 2.2.5 Latest Version For Android

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UpdatedJuly 3, 2024Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Last version2.2.5Size9 MB
CategoryToolsDeveloperCx File Explorer
PriceFreeGoogle PlayGoogle Play

Download the latest version of CX File Explorer APK for Android, the ultimate file manager app for easy organization and management of your files and apps.

Introduction About CX File Explorer

CX File Explorer is a versatile file management tool that provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to navigate their files and folders easily. With a range of features, including file compression, encryption, and transfer capabilities, It streamlines the process of organizing and managing files on your device.

Whether you’re looking to clean up your storage space, transfer files between devices, or secure sensitive documents, the CX File Explorer app covers you. Its sleek design and powerful functionality make it a go-to app for anyone looking to take control of their files. 

cxfile explorer

What does CX File Explorer APK do?

CX File Explorer is a file management app for Android devices that allows users to navigate and organize their files and folders easily. The app provides a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to access and manage files, photos, videos, music, and other documents stored on your device. With CX File Explorer, users can quickly search for specific files, create folders, and move or copy files between different locations.

The app also supports various file formats, making it versatile for handling many file types. Additionally, CX File Explorer offers features such as cloud storage integration, file encryption, and file sharing capabilities, providing users with a comprehensive file management solution for their Android devices.

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How to Use the CX File Explorer App?

To use the CXFile Explorer app effectively, follow these steps:

  • Download and Install: Start by downloading CX File Explorer from the Google Play Store and installing it on your Android device.
  • Open the App: Launch the CX File Explorer app by tapping its icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer.
  • Navigate Files: Use the app to navigate through the files on your device. You can browse files by category, type, or location to find the files you need.
  • View and Manage Files: View files by tapping on them. Perform actions like copy, move, delete, rename, or compress files using the options available in the app.
  • Use Search Function: If you’re looking for a specific file or folder, use the search function within CX File Explorer to quickly locate it.
  • Access Cloud Storage: Connect your cloud storage accounts (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) within the app to access and manage files stored in the cloud.
  • Transfer Files: Utilize the file transfer feature to move files between your Android device and other devices on the same network or connected to the same cloud storage services.
  • Customize Settings: Explore the app settings to customize your file management experience. You can adjust settings related to display, behaviour, and other preferences.

What are the Notable Features of CX File Explorer APK Latest Version?

CX File Explorer APK is a popular file management app for Android devices known for its robust functionality and user-friendly interface. Here are some of its notable features:

Intuitive User Interface

  • User-Friendly Design: CX File Explorer has a clean and intuitive user interface, making navigating through their files and folders easy.
  • Dual Pane Mode: This mode lets users view two folders side-by-side, facilitating easier file management and transfers.
cx explorer apk

Comprehensive File Management

  • Basic Operations: The app supports all basic file management operations such as copy, move, delete, rename, and share.
  • Advanced Operations: Users can compress and extract ZIP files, create new folders, and perform other advanced file management tasks.

Cloud Storage Integration

  • Multiple Services: CX File Explorerapk integrates with various cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.
  • Seamless Access: Users can access and manage their cloud storage files directly from the app.
cx file explorer apk

Network File Sharing

  • SMB and FTP Support: The app supports SMB (Server Message Block) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol), allowing users to access and manage files on their networked devices.
  • WebDAV and LAN Access: CX File Explorer also supports WebDAV and local network access, providing file sharing and management versatility.

Storage Analysis

  • Space Utilization: The app offers detailed insights into the storage usage on the device, helping users identify large files and manage their storage efficiently.
  • Visual Charts: It provides visual representations of storage usage, making it easier to understand how space is utilized.
cxfile explorer app

Media Management

  • Built-in Viewers: CX File Explorer includes built-in viewers for images, videos, and documents, allowing users to preview files without needing additional apps.
  • Media Streaming: Users can stream media files directly from their network storage without downloading them.

App Management

  • Installed Apps: The app provides a list of installed applications, allowing users to manage them (e.g., backup, uninstall).
  • APK Files: Users can browse and manage APK files on their devices, making installing apps from external sources easy.

Security and Privacy

  • Private Folders: Users can create private folders with password protection to secure sensitive files.
  • No Ads: The ad-free app provides a clean and uninterrupted user experience.


  • Themes: CX File Explorer APK MOD offers various themes and customization options, allowing users to personalize the app’s look and feel.
  • Settings: Users can adjust a wide range of settings to tailor the app’s functionality to their needs.


  • Lightweight: The app is designed to be lightweight and fast, ensuring smooth performance even on older devices.
  • Minimal Resource Usage: It uses minimal system resources, helping to preserve battery life and system performance.
cx file explorer apk for android

Tips For Using CX File Explorer Free File Manager for Mobile Devices

Here are some tips for using Cx File Explorer Application effectively:

  • Select Multiple Files: Utilize the long-press feature to select multiple files simultaneously, saving time and effort in file management.
  • Customize Toolbar Icons: Rearrange toolbar icons to your liking for a more efficient file management experience.
  • Set Home Directory: Customize the home directory in settings to quickly access your most frequently used files.

Pros and Cons of Cx File Explorer APK Download


  • User-Friendly Interface: CX File Explorer features an intuitive interface for easy navigation and efficient file management.
  • Feature-Rich: It offers advanced features beyond essential file organization, setting it apart from regular file managers.
  • All-in-One Solution: With integrated viewers and app management, CX File Explorer eliminates the need for additional apps, providing a comprehensive file management solution.


  • Security Risks: Exercise caution when granting root access or sharing sensitive information through the app.
  • Advertisements: The free version of CX File Explorer APK Download may contain ads that could disrupt the user experience.
  • Compatibility Challenges: Certain devices or file types may not be fully supported, leading to potential compatibility issues.

Free Download Cx File Explorer APK For Android Devices

Are you looking to download the CX File Explorer APK? You’ve come to the right place. The latest version of CX File Explorer provides comprehensive features that advanced users are looking for without feeling bloated.

Whether you need a powerful file manager on your Android smartphone, tablet, or even an Android TV, CX File Explorer covers you.


Can you access system files with CX File Explorer?

If your device is rooted, you can access system files using CX File Explorer.

Does CX File Explorer App support cloud storage integration?

Yes, CX File Explorer allows users to integrate their cloud storage accounts for seamless file management.

Is CX File Explorer APK available for iOS devices?

Currently, CX File Explorer is available for Android devices only and not compatible with iOS.

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