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Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK 1.22.1075 (Unlimited Money)

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UpdatedJuly 13, 2024Compatible withAndroid 9+
Last version1.22.1075Size719 MB
CategorySimulationDeveloperastragon Entertainment GmbH
PriceFreeGoogle PlayGoogle Play
MODUnlimited Money

Immerse yourself in the world of Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK! Operate heavy machinery, unlock unlimited money, and build your construction empire on Android.

Introduction About Construction Simulator 4 APK

Construction Simulator 4 is the latest instalment in the popular simulation series that allows players to take on the role of a construction company owner. With realistic graphics and upgraded equipment, players can experience the challenges and rewards of running a successful construction business.

In Construction Simulator 4, players can operate a wide range of construction vehicles and machinery, including cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and more. Players must carefully plan and execute their work to ensure success, from building roads and bridges to completing complex construction projects.

Whether you are a construction enthusiast or simply looking for a challenging and immersive simulation game, Construction Simulator 4 offers a unique and engaging experience.  If you’ve ever dreamt of running your construction empire or operating heavy machinery, this game is your perfect ticket to the world of Construction. So get ready to don your hard hat and get to work in this dynamic and realistic construction simulation game.

Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK

Experience Immersive Gameplay of Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK

In Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK, players are immersed in an engaging simulation experience, taking on the challenges of managing a construction company. With two open-world maps set in the United States and Europe, including the unique Canadian-inspired Pinewood Bay, the game offers various locations and construction challenges. Players get to operate over 70 licensed machines from 24 real-world brands, including excavators, cranes, and loaders, each with realistic controls and physics. From building roads and bridges to erecting structures, players must complete various construction sites while managing resources, hiring workers, and optimizing their workflow for success.

Additionally, the game features online multiplayer, allowing players to collaborate with friends, and offers customization options for avatars and companies, adding a personal touch to the construction experience.

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What are the Amazing Features of Construction Simulator 4 APK Latest Version?

Construction Simulator 4 APK boasts several impressive features that make it an engaging experience for players:

Immerse Yourself in the Construction World

Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK 1.22.1075 takes the construction simulation experience to new heights. Whether you’re a construction enthusiast or just love simulation games, this title is worth trying. Let’s explore what this mod APK has to offer:

Unlimited Money, Unlimited Possibilities

With unlimited money, you can build and expand your construction business without constraints. There is no need to worry about budgets; focus on growing your empire and unlocking new opportunities.

construction simulator 4 APK MOD

Realistic Construction Experience

Experience the thrill of a realistic variety of construction tasks on your mobile device. Construction Simulator 4 offers a true-to-life realistic construction experience on mobile devices, from operating heavy machinery to managing resources.

Unlock New Machinery and Features

This game features an extensive collection of over 80 vehicles, machines, and attachments sourced from more than 20 officially licensed brands. A variety of construction vehicles and equipment will be unlocked as you progress. Each machine is intricately detailed, from cranes to excavators, giving you the feeling of being at an accurate construction site. Expand your fleet and take on more challenging projects.

Players can operate heavy-duty construction equipment, each designed with realistic controls and physics to provide an authentic experience.

Construction Simulator 4 Game

Dive into Various Construction Projects

With over 100 construction jobs in the game, players can engage in various tasks ranging from building roads to constructing different buildings.

From large infrastructure projects to building Construction, Construction Simulator 4 offers a wide range of tasks to tackle. Whether pouring concrete, erecting buildings, or laying roads, every aspect of Construction is yours to control.

construction simulator 4 mods

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode in Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK Unlimited Money allows players to enjoy collaborative construction efforts with up to 2 players. This feature enables players to collaborate with friends and work on various projects, fostering teamwork and coordination to tackle challenging tasks as a group.

Scenic Canadian Landscape

Players can explore an original map inspired by the beautiful Canadian landscape in the game. The map features scenic woods and bays that create an engaging gameplay experience.

Additionally, detailed cockpit views further enhance the visual realism, providing players with a captivating and engaging virtual environment to navigate through.

Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Tips for Construction Simulator 4 Mobile Game in 2024 For Android

  • Learn the Controls: Familiarize yourself with the controls for operating different types of construction vehicles. Each vehicle may have controls for moving, lifting, digging, etc. Practice in a safe environment before taking on complex tasks.
  • Follow the Tutorials: Many simulation games offer tutorials or introductory missions that guide you through basic operations. Please pay attention to these as they often teach you essential skills and tips.
  • Start Small: Begin with more straightforward tasks and missions to get comfortable with the gameplay mechanics and controls. This will help you build confidence and avoid frustration.
  • Manage Your Equipment: Construction Simulator games often involve managing a fleet of vehicles and equipment. Keep an eye on fuel levels, maintenance requirements, and repair costs. Efficient management will save you time and money.
  • Understand the Job Requirements: Before starting a job, understand the objectives and requirements. This could include digging to a certain depth, transporting materials, or building structures according to specifications.
  • Use the GPS and Map: Utilize the in-game GPS and map to navigate to different locations efficiently. It can also help you find objectives and get a better overview of the construction site.
  • Upgrade and Expand: As you earn money and experience, consider investing in new vehicles or upgrading existing ones. This can improve efficiency and allow you to take on more challenging projects.
  • Pay Attention to Safety: Like in actual Construction, safety is essential in simulation games. Avoid reckless driving, watch for pedestrians and other vehicles, and use caution when operating heavy machinery.
  • Take Breaks and Explore: Construction Simulator games often have open-world elements. Take breaks from missions to explore the environment, discover new areas, and find hidden collectables or challenges.
  • Join Online Communities: Engage with other players in forums or online communities. They can provide additional tips, strategies, mods, or custom content that enhance your gameplay experience.

Free Download Construction Simulator 4 APK For Android Devices

  • Download: Get the Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK 1.22.1075 download from
  • Install: Enable installation from unknown sources on your Android device and install the APK file.
  • Play: Start building your construction empire and enjoy unlimited money and unlocked features.


Construction Simulator 4 offers an engaging construction simulation experience like never before. Manage your construction industry, operate heavy machinery, and undertake challenging projects. Are you ready to become the ultimate construction tycoon?

Download Construction Simulator 4 MOD APK All Vehicles Unlocked today and start your journey in Construction!


What platforms is Construction Simulator 4 available on?

Typically, construction simulation games are available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, as well as on PC and sometimes consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

Are there multiplayer or online features in Construction Simulator 4 Game?

Some construction simulation games include multiplayer modes where players can collaborate on projects or compete in challenges.

Can you play Construction Simulator 4 with friends?

Yes! The game offers multiplayer mode for up to 2 players, allowing collaborative construction efforts.

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