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UpdatedJune 12, 2024Compatible withAndroid 7.0+
Last version4.7.5Size34 MB
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Download CleverType MOD APK for Android – a free AI keyboard app offering grammar assistance and productivity tools.

Introduction about CleverType App

CleverType Keyboard APK is a revolutionary AI keyboard app that has taken the typing world by storm. Offering a wide range of features and customization options, CleverType ensures that your typing experience is efficient and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a casual texter or a professional writer, this app has something for everyone. With its intuitive design and predictive text capabilities, CleverType anticipates your words before you even finish typing them, making the process faster and more accurate. This app truly has everything from customizable themes and fonts to autocorrect and gesture typing.

Say goodbye to mundane typing and hello to a whole new level of efficiency and creativity with CleverType. Join the millions of users who have already made the switch and experience the difference for yourself. Download CleverType MOD APK today and revolutionize your typing experience.

CleverType MOD

Why User Love CleverType AI Keyboard

One exceptional reason users love CleverType AI Keyboard Premium APK is its ability to provide highly accurate auto-correction, which helps users type with precision and confidence. Users also appreciate CleverType AI Keyboard for its intelligent word prediction capabilities.

By suggesting relevant words and phrases as users type, the keyboard speeds up the typing process and helps reduce typos and errors. This innovative prediction feature enhances the typing experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable for users.

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How to Use CleverType AI Keyboard MOD APK?

To use the CleverType app, follow these steps:

  • Download and Install: Go to the app store on your device and search for “CleverType.” Download and install the app on your device.
  • Create an Account: Open the app and create an account. You may need to provide some personal information to set up your profile.
  • Set Up Preferences: Customize your preferences in the app settings. You can adjust things like font size, theme, or language settings.
  • Use the Features: Explore the features of the CleverType app. It may include predictive text, autocorrect, language translation, or personalized suggestions.
  • Start Typing: Once you have set up everything, use the app for your typing needs. Whether it’s composing messages, emails, or notes, CleverType will assist you with its intelligent typing features.

What are the Amazing Features of CleverType APK Latest Version?

The CleverType app comes packed with amazing features that enhance your typing experience. Let’s dive into what makes CleverType stand out:

CleverType Premium Version

Predictive Text and Auto-Completion

  • Contextual Predictions: Uses AI to predict the next word or phrase based on the context of the current sentence. This helps in completing sentences faster with fewer keystrokes.
  • Personalized Suggestions: Learns from the user’s typing habits to provide personalized word and phrase suggestions.
CleverType APK

Autocorrect and grammar-checking

  • Intelligent Autocorrect: Corrects typos and common spelling mistakes with high accuracy, even in complex sentences.
  • Grammar Suggestions: Offers corrections for grammatical errors, enhancing the overall quality of the text.

Multilingual Support

  • Language Detection: Automatically detects the typed language and switches to the appropriate dictionary and suggestion set.
  • Multiple Languages: Supports typing in various languages, making it convenient for bilingual or multilingual users.
CleverType MOD APK Latest Version

Customization and Personalization

  • Theme Options: Users can customize the look and feel of the keyboard with different themes and layouts.
  • Shortcut Phrases: Users can create custom shortcuts for frequently used phrases or words.

Swipe Typing

  • Gesture Typing: Users can input text by swiping their finger from letter to letter, often faster than traditional typing.
  • AI-Enhanced Swipes: AI improves the accuracy of swipe typing by learning the user’s unique swiping patterns.

Voice Typing

  • Speech Recognition: Converts spoken words into text, particularly for hands-free typing.
  • Accuracy and Speed: Employs advanced speech recognition technology to ensure high accuracy and quick conversion.

Privacy and Security

  • Data Encryption: Ensures that all typed data is encrypted and secure.
  • Privacy Policies: Clearly defined privacy policies to inform users about data usage and protection measures.
CleverType Pro APK

Adaptive Learning

  • Continuous Improvement: The AI engine learns from your input, refining its predictions and suggestions to become more accurate.
  • User Feedback Loops: Incorporates user feedback to enhance the AI’s performance and provide more relevant suggestions.

Integration with Applications

  • Seamless Integration: Works across various apps on your device, offering a consistent and enhanced typing experience, whether texting, emailing, or posting on social media.
Download CleverType MOD APK

Smart Text Editing

  • Quick Corrections: Easily correct mistakes with intelligent editing tools that offer suggestions and fixes on the fly.
  • Text Expansion: Automatically expand abbreviations or shortcuts into complete phrases or sentences, saving you time.

Emoji and GIF Suggestions

  • Contextual Emoji: Suggests relevant emojis based on the words you type, adding an expressive touch to your messages.
  • GIF Integration: Find and insert GIFs to make conversations more dynamic and fun.

Exceptional Tips For Using CleverType App in 2024

Here are some exceptional tips for using CleverType Pro APK:

  • Personalize Your Responses: Customize your responses by providing specific details or examples to make the conversation more engaging.
  • Use Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords in your queries to help CleverType understand your needs better and provide more accurate responses.
  • Ask Clear Questions: Formulate clear and concise questions to receive precise and relevant answers from CleverType.
  • Provide Context: Offer context or background information when asking a question to help CleverType provide more tailored responses.
  • Utilize Follow-up Questions: If you need more information or clarification, don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions to deepen the conversation.
  • Explore Different Topics: Experiment with various topics and queries to discover the full potential of CleverType’s capabilities.
  • Stay Curious: Keep an open mind about the vast range of issues that CleverType can assist you with.

Pro and Cons of CleverType APK


  • Enhances Typing Speed: CleverType APK offers advanced typing features such as auto-correction and predictive text, which can help users type faster and more accurately.
  • Customization Options: The app provides various customization options, such as different keyboard themes and layouts, allowing users to personalize their typing experience.
  • Multi-language Support: CleverType APK supports multiple languages, making it suitable for a diverse user base who may need to switch between different languages while typing.
  • Offline Functionality: Users can use CleverType APK even without an internet connection, ensuring they can continue typing efficiently.
  • Secure Typing Environment: The app prioritizes user privacy and security by not storing sensitive data like passwords or credit card information entered during typing sessions.


  • Intrusive Ads: Some users may find the advertisements within the app disruptive and detract from their overall typing experience.
  • Limited Advanced Features: Compared to other premium keyboard apps, CleverType APK may lack certain advanced features or functionalities that power users might require.
  • Resource Intensive: Running CleverType APK in the background could consume significant device resources like battery life and RAM on some devices.
  • Data Collection Concerns: Users might have concerns about the data collection practices of the app developer, especially regarding user input data during typing sessions.

Download CleverType MOD APK For Android Devices

CleverType ai Keyboard MOD APK offers Android users a unique and innovative typing experience. Its advanced artificial intelligence technology allows users to enjoy personalized suggestions and efficient autocorrect features. The customizable themes and layouts allow for a customized look and feel, enhancing the overall user experience. 

By downloading this MOD version, users can elevate their typing efficiency and accuracy on Android devices. Take your typing to the next level with CleverType ai Keyboard MOD Version today!


How does CleverType APK correct grammar? 

 CleverType uses its AI engine to proactively refine your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in real-time as you type. It helps eliminate typos and grammatical mistakes.

Is CleverType MOD APK free? 

Yes, CleverType is available for free on the You can download it and explore its features without any cost.

Can you use CleverType in any app? 

Yes! CleverType seamlessly works in any app, whether you’re replying to emails, browsing Reddit, or writing in Google Docs.

Download CleverType

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